Project Title: 2019 Restoration planting at Tomarata Farm

Funding Close Date: 7 Jun 2019



Metres Planted:
4474 m

NZD $233323.5

Location: Te Arai

GPS Coordinates: -36.199811, 174.601702

Project Cost: NZD $233323.50

Cost per Metre: NZD $52.15

Metres to be planted: 4474m

Field Partner: Auckland Council

Project ID: NI36

Project Description:

John and Geraldine Taylor have lived on their beef and sheep farm near Te Ārai for over 50 years. Tomarata Farm is at the headwaters to the Hōteo River and features springs, intermittent and permanent streams, seepages and wetlands, which all drain into Waiteitei Stream, and eventually to the Hōteo River and Kaipara Harbour on the West Coast.  

Over the last 10 years, the Taylors have been fencing and replanting the streams on their property. Thanks to generous supporters, they have raised funds on Million Metres for two different stretches of stream and planted 10,000 native plants in 2016 and 10,000 in 2018.

During 2019, the Taylors have teamed up with Million Metres and AVJennings to plant over 39,479 plants along 4474 metres of stream on their property.

This planting project will be completed as a compensation package for AVJennings’ Hall Farm development near Orewa. The compensation calculations require a minimum of 122.39 metres of permanent watercourse, and all intermittent and wetland areas identified to be restored to appropriately offset the loss or degradation of permanent watercourse habitat at the Hall Farm Site.

About the planting project

During the 2019 planting season, Natural Habitats, an award winning landscape design company, will plant nearly 40,000 native plants along 4474 metres of streams, wetlands and seeps in the project area. The total area is over 51,000 m2!

Along the streams, toetoe, putaputaweta, karamu, ti kouka, kanuka, manuka, mahoe, harakeke, pukatea and kowhai among others will be planted. Wetland areas will be planted with sedges, rushes, ti kouka, and toetoe.

The plants are being ecosourced to the Rodney ecological district. Ecosourced plants are grown from seed sources in the area. They are more likely to survive and thrive in local soils and conditions. The plants are being supplied by the Nga Uri O Hau Nursery in Te ĀraiThis nursery is a Nga Uri o Hau initiative to support the Integrated Kaipara Harbour Management Group in its vision to achieve a healthy and productive Kaipara Harbour. The nursery is a not for profit organisation that was established with the help of funding grants from Lotteries NZ and Reconnecting Northland.

The site will be prepped for planting during summer and autumn 2019. Planting will occur during winter 2019.

The project site will be maintained for 5 years, or until 75% canopy closure has occurred and there is a minimum survival rate of 90% of the original plant density. Weeds will be removed from around the plants and any lost plants will be replaced.

About AVJennings and the development site

AVJennings is providing all the funding for this project to offset the loss of stream area due to the development of Hall Farm in Orewa.

Hall Farm is an 84 hectare housing development near Orewa. When finished in 2025, it will provide approximately 600 homes. The development uses water sensitive design. Runoff from roads, driveways and footpaths will flow into wetlands on site. The wetlands will help to filter sediment and toxins before carrying stormwater into the Nukumea stream and eventually the Orewa Estuary below.

The development is adjacent to the 70 hectare Department of Conservation Nukumea Reserve. There are not currently walking tracks in the reserve, but the plan is to include them in the future. The development will be cat free to protect native bird species. Over half of the site will be made up of bush areas and open space. In addition to the offset planting on Tomarata Farms, over 100,000 native plants will be planted at Hall Farm alone – that is around 20,000 native plants a year for the next 5 years.