Project Title: Restore Avoca Valley Stream on the Port Hills

Funding Close Date: 18 Oct 2021



Metres Planted:
502 m

NZD $12041.13

Location: Port Hills, Christchurch

GPS Coordinates: -43.58536145623699, 172.6785580732918

Project Cost: NZD $12041.13

Cost per Metre: NZD $24

Metres to be planted: 500m

Field Partner: Environment Canterbury

Project ID: SI14

Project Description:


Twenty-five years ago, the Avoca Valley community started working together to restore the Avoca Valley Stream, a heavily degraded stream that flows from the Port Hills to the Heathcote/Ōpawaho River shortly before it reaches Ihutai, the estuary.

The headwaters of the stream are opposite Te Upoko o Kurī (Witch Hill). The Avoca Valley catchment was a key route for local hapū Ngāti Wheke on their journey from Rapaki to Ihutai (the estuary) and was an important source of mahinga kai. The Avoca Valley Stream was known as Te Awa Tere o Rona (the slow babbling stream of Rona) and Kā Irika o Kahukura (the tears of Kahukura).

Due to historical deforestation and overgrazing, the upper catchment on the Port Hills is eroded. When cattle were introduced they ate the last remaining riparian cover, stands of harakeke. With little vegetation to hold or slow runoff, rainfall falls out of the system within a matter of hours, resulting in sedimentation in the lower stream and the Heathcote River. This also means that in the upper catchment the stream runs dry for much of the year.  Locals can remember a time where there was a constant flow through the valley. They talk about playing in the stream as children and even going eeling.


The Avoca Valley is now part of Linda Woods Reserve, owned and managed by the Summit Road Society. The Society is a grassroots conservation organisation with a 70 year history of protecting the Port Hills. It is our vision to restore the stream and bring eels and other wildlife back to the valley. We are currently developing a network of walking tracks so that the community and in particular children can enjoy and appreciate the stream and surrounding bush.

The Summit Road Society has a long term plan to plant 87,000 trees and plants over 33ha of the valley.


Help us plant 4500 trees and plants along 500 metres of the Avoca Valley Stream this year.  

This is a collaborative effort between the Summit Road Society, Trees that Count, Harry Ell Summit Road Memorial Trust, Million Metres and the Christchurch City Council Sustainability Fund, all contributing to the funding of this project. The funds raised through Million Metres will go towards the cost of tree guards and labour for planting and maintenance. 15% of the funds raised will go to the Million Metres Streams Project. The team at Million Metres keep the website running, connect projects with funding, resources and people, and share the overall impact of the programme.

Progress Photos: