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A summertime Christmas is all about getting outside with family and friends, spending time enjoying Aotearoa’s beautiful rivers, lakes, bush and beaches.

Help take care of these precious places for generations to come by gifting trees to your loved ones this Christmas.

Gift Trees - how it works:

One…purchase a bundle of native trees and choose the river you’d like them to be planted at.

Two…you’ll receive a card (electronic and printable options) to gift to your loved one.

Three…your trees will be planted at one of Million Metres projects and get to work restoring our precious waterways.­


Planting native trees along the banks of streams and rivers helps to take care of our waterways.

Native trees shade the fish in the streams and keep their waters cool. They stop soil from falling into the stream. As they grow they become habitat for native birds and insects. They remove carbon from the atmosphere.




Million Metres is on a mission to restore Aotearoa’s rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands.

Our goal is to help communities plant one million metres of waterways with native plants and trees.

Million Metres is an initiative of the Sustainable Business Network.