Project Title: Love Our Wetlands, Waiheke

Funding Close Date: 1 Dec 2021 (1 month 10 days remaining)



Metres Planted:
417 m

NZD $25038.5

Location: Waiheke Island

GPS Coordinates: -36.833175, 175.140800

Project Cost: NZD $60000

Cost per Metre: NZD $60

Metres to be planted: 1000m

Field Partner: Auckland Council

Project ID: NI52

Project Description:


The Waiheke Resources Trust is all about creating a great place to live. We do lots of different things to reach that goal including education and events and there are lots of different issues that we think are important: water, waste, food resilience, biodiversity, energy and transport.

The concept that underpins our work is the importance of a healthy and thriving environment. Such an environment allows a community to flourish, and within that community a strong economy can exist.

We work to celebrate and protect all the resources we have already and build capacity and knowledge in the community toward the creation of a resource-full future for all.


Over the last 3 years we have raised an impressive $124,988.20. Now we’ve teamed up with Million Metres to expand and enhance the work that has been done by Love Our Wetlands over the last five years. Our aim is to amplify the work in our four current areas of Te Matuku, Te Whau, Rangihoua and out to the headland of Matiaita and the extend the mahi to other areas of the Motu that could do with a spot of restoration love.

Over the years they’ve been dumped in, drained and filled to make way for development and agriculture. Today, only 10% of New Zealand’s historic wetlands remain.

Healthy wetlands are nature’s sponges. They soak up water during floods and release it during droughts. They trap carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere. They improve water quality by removing contaminants from fresh water on its journey to the ocean. They support a huge diversity of birds, insects and fish.


We’re stoked to be able to continue to grow and expand our work on wetlands and streams on Waiheke with your help!! 

Funds raised this year will go towards eco sourced native trees, restoration team wages, volunteer coordination, yummy kai for volunteer days, tools and Personal Protective Equipment. 15% of the funds raised will go to the Million Metres Streams Project. The team at Million Metres keep the website running, connect projects with funding, resources and people, and share the overall impact of the programme.