Project Title: More Love for Rangihoua Wetland!

Funding Close Date: 3 Jun 2020



Metres Planted:
353 m

NZD $27166.3

Location: Rangihoua wetland near Onetangi Sports Park

GPS Coordinates: -36.805058, 175.072229

Project Cost: NZD $27166.30

Cost per Metre: NZD $77

Metres to be planted: 325m

Field Partner: Auckland Council

Project ID: NI32

Project Description:


This year, Seventh Generation joined forces with Million Metres and Waiheke Resources Trust to help restore the Rangihoua wetland on Waiheke Island.

Seventh Generation match funded all donations and we raised $50,000 for Rangihoua wetland! We couldn’t have done it without them!

Now we aim to go even further to meet our stretch goal: an additional $25,025 for the wetland! 

If we can meet our stretch goal, we can restore more metres, get more plants in the ground, and give more love to Rangihoua this year!

You can help us get there! Every donation, big or small makes a difference.


The funding will enable 325 additional metres of the wetland to be restored with 1724 native plants and trees. There’s lots of site prep so planting will occur in 2020 or 2021.

The plantings will create a buffer between the waterway and the land. They will help to filter contaminants and reduce erosion that can be harmful to fish. They will provide habitat for the rare moho-pererū (Banded Rail) and other birds.

Waiheke Resources Trust has worked with the experts to develop a diverse planting plan and budget for the work.

Our stretch goal is to raise $25,025. This goal includes funds for the plants, preparing the site for planting, volunteer coordination, and maintenance of the planting to ensure the trees thrive.


Over the years they’ve been dumped in, drained and filled to make way for development and agriculture. Today, only 10% of New Zealand’s historic wetlands remain.

Healthy wetlands are nature’s sponges. They soak up water during floods and release it during droughts. They trap carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere. They improve water quality by removing contaminants from fresh water on its journey to the ocean. They support a huge diversity of birds, insects and fish.


Rangihoua wetland is home to many rare bird, fish and plant species. It is also the historic landing place of the Te Arawa waka. The waka crew used raupo growing in the wetland to re-lash their waka before continuing on to the Coromandel. This gave the area its name – Rangihoua or The Day of Renewal.

Our vision is to restore a wetland oasis of manuka, kanuka, totara, puriri, kowhai and harakeke to Rangihoua Wetland.


For the last four years, Waiheke Resources Trust has managed Love Our Wetlands Waiheke, a locally led initiative to restore and protect four significant wetland habitats and surrounding environments on Waiheke Island: Rangihoua, Te Matuku, Te Whau & Matiatia Headland.

The project uses a volunteer workforce consisting of local schools, community and corporate groups, and individuals at community planting days. These groups have been working to plant and remove invasive weeds from the wetlands. The support of these groups have a huge part in the success of the project.

Since the project began in 2015, over 10,000 eco-sourced native plants have been planted with the help of more than 1000 volunteers and over 5,000 hours of volunteer effort!

Love Our Wetlands Waiheke is not just about ecological restoration. The project is also training volunteers to be skilled in restoration and creating jobs on the island. The social impact of this work is as tangible as the wetland restoration. Jobs created through this funding have such a positive impact on our whanau, our community and the land.

We’re stoked to be able to continue to grow and expand our work in Rangihoua wetland with your help!!


The Waiheke Resources Trust is all about creating a great place to live. We do lots of different things to reach that goal including education and events and there are lots of different issues that we think are important: water, waste, food resilience, biodiversity, energy and transport.

The concept that underpins our work is the importance of a healthy and thriving environment. Such an environment allows a community to flourish, and within that community a strong economy can exist.

We work to celebrate and protect all the resources we have already and build capacity and knowledge in the community toward the creation of a resource-full future for all.


Seventh Generation products are made with the health of the environment and people in mind. All our products in NZ are between 91-97% plant-based, contain no dyes or synthetic fragrances, and are housed in bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. We also believe in transparency, which is why we display all our ingredients and their function on the pack.


Progress Photos: