Project Title: Restoring Horseshoe Lake at Mangarara - The Family Farm

Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay

Metres Planted:
3730 m

Volunteer Hours:

Location: Hawkes Bay

GPS Coordinates: -39.916667, 176.766667

Project Cost: NZD $31705

Cost per Metre: NZD $8.5

Metres to be planted: 3730m

Field Partner: Mangarara The Family Farm

Project ID: NI8

Project Description:

Hi! We are the Hart Family, Greg and Rachel and our three children George, Bill and Emma and we are the current custodians of Horseshoe Lake.

Our dream is to see Horseshoe lake surrounded by lush native forest, alive with all manner of waterfowl and delighted-in by all who come to spend time at the farm. Our crowd-funding campaign is to raise money to re-plant the shores of the lake with native plants – we would love for you to help us with it!

In thanks for your generosity we are really excited to offer free membership to our ‘Friends of the Farm’ programme for every donation of $20 or more. Members get discounts in our on-line Farm Shop, event invitations, and any special opportunities to visit the farm and be part of the project. Details of how to access your free Friends of the Farm membership coming soon.

Your contribution will also have double the impact – the first $2000 in donations contributed to this project will be matched with an equal donation from Million Metres.

And a little bit about us…

Since 2002 we have, bit by bit, worked to restore the native plants on the shores of the lake. We have already planted thousands of native trees, flaxes and reeds, and we want your help to plant 4000 more to restore the natural habitats of waterfowl, filter the water, and rejuvinate the lake to a balanced ecosystem.

The benefits of the restoration work we do today are for our future generations – the healthy ecosystems we create will flow on to everyone – in the form of cleaner air, water and soil, thriving animal life and healthy food. Any contribution you can make is very much appreciated.

Our past supporters include the Air New Zealand Environment Trust, Air New Zealand Green Team, James Cook Hotel management staff, Elsthorpe Primary school pupils and staff, and our family and friends, who have all pitched in to help.

We have covenanted (protected) the area with the Queen Elizabeth Trust II to form a registered trust over Horseshoe Lake. The agreed covenanted aim is to “Improve the habitat for native waterfowl by fencing the lake edge from livestock and planting with native species once commonly found in the area”.The Lake is also a gazetted Wildlife Refuge under the Wildlife act 1953. It now has high wildlife, natural area, landscape and recreation values.

Mangarara -The Family Farm is open to the public and we warmly invite those who gift to our project, and their families, the opportunity to come and see what we are doing and the wonderful things you are helping us to achieve.

Please help us restore our country for our future generations by donating to this crowd-funding campaign – every little bit is appreciated.

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