Project Title: Taharoa/Grandy Lake Forest @ Whangawehi

Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay

Metres Planted:
1907 m

Volunteer Hours:

Location: Mahia Peninsula

GPS Coordinates: -39.11733055, 177.917383

Project Cost: NZD $30516

Cost per Metre: NZD $16

Metres to be planted: 1907m

Field Partner: Whangawehi Catchment Management Group

Project ID: NI3

Project Description:

‘Ki te ora te wai, ka ora ai te katoa’

If the waterway is healthy then everything will survive

Our project encompasses the Grandy Lake Forest and farm land owned by Taharoa Trust. We are both enthusiastic partners in the Whangawehi Catchment restoration, and join other landowners, local authorities, community groups, Te Mahia School and the local marae as kaitiaki of the land and water, to leave a sustainable legacy for the next generation. Our dream is to protect the Awa to improve its biodiversity, restore customary freshwater fisheries, and protect the kaimoana beds at sea. Ours and the Pongaroa Station’s projects are both riparian restorations that are working towards this goal.

“Throughout our lifetime challenges and opportunities present themselves and we are very fortunate to be farming land that has been in our family for generations. The Whangawehi Stream running through our property is culturally, physically and spiritually significant to the people of Mahia. We want to help return health to the Awa. Already we have retired 10 ha of land, built 1.5 km of fence, and planted 16000 trees. This year we plan to plant another 20000 trees, many of which will be traditional plants for weaving and medicinal purposes.” – Pat and Sue O’Brien, Taharoa Trust

“As landowners on one side of the Whangawehi Stream, we have an important role in connecting the riparian zones so that the stream has complete protection. This will help advance biodiversity levels and hopefully provide a resource that will unite the local community to sustainably manage its resources, and promote better environmental practice. In the future we plan to retire a further 1.5 km riparian strip and plant another 30000 plants. ” – Graham Douglas, Grandy Lake Forests

There is still much to do to fulfil our dream to restore health to the Awa. Looking out at the land we’re feeling so proud of what has been achieved to date. Many people have helped us on our journey which makes it special. Now we need financial assistance for the plants to finish what we have begun. Your support is gratefully appreciated.