Project Title: The Silver Stream Restoration Project



Metres Planted:
350 m

Volunteer Hours:

Location: 161 Eyre Road, Clarkville

GPS Coordinates: -43.415648, 172.597709

Project Cost: NZD $24500

Cost per Metre: NZD $70

Metres to be planted: 350m

Field Partner: Environment Canterbury

Project ID: SI4

Project Description:

about us


We are the Silverstream Advisory Group. Our project aims to help restore one of the most amazing waterways in our region.

The Silver Stream winds its way through the Silverstream Reserve – a 52 hectare native bush reserve near the town of Clarkville. It is renowned for its clear, spring-fed waters, trout fishing and seasonal salmon. It is significant to local Maori for mahinga kai – the gathering of food and the rich culture that comes with that. The Silver Stream is also the South Branch of the Upper Kaiapoi River that runs through Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend. It is a tributary of the Waimakariri meeting it at the estuary near Kaiapoi.

It’s a very special place to get in touch with nature and learn to take care of it.

Since 2006, volunteers from the Silverstream Advisory Group have completed two restoration projects in the reserve. Altogether we have planted some 9,000 native plants. The reserve is managed by the Waimakariri District Council, with input from the local iwi. The management plan adopted by the District Council in 2009 focuses on restoration and recreation.

Local people walk and run in the reserve and fish along the streams banks. We’re working with students from Clarkville School who are also helping to plant in the reserve. It’s a chance to work together and it’s a great hands-on learning experience for the students.


This winter the Silverstream Advisory Board and the District Council will work with local volunteers and Clarkville School to clear and revegetate 350 metres of the south bank of the Silver Stream. This is a total area of 1.5 hectares, or 1.5 international rugby fields.

We will plant a mixture of native trees and plants to help restore the stream and its surroundings. Once the trees and plants mature they will create habitat for Tuna and Kanakana (lamprey). They will provide food and nesting areas for Pukeko, Kereru, Bellbird, Fantail, Native Scaup and Paradise Shelduck.

The seedlings will be locally sourced to ensure that they grow well in this area. They will be representative of historic Canterbury Plains’ plant communities. They will include Kanuka, Toi Toi, Purei and large species like Kahikatea.

We will keep a well-established nursery of mature exotic trees, primarily willow and cherry. These will provide shelter and protection to the new seedlings. The understorey will be cleared of weeds and made accessible to volunteers and visitors.


Please donate to our project today and support us in taking care of this special place!

Our long-term goal is to plant the entire length of the Silver Stream that runs through the reserve. This project is an important first step.

Funds raised will go towards site preparation, plants, contractors, materials (stakes and weed guards, etc.) and post-care maintenance.

You can donate ANY amount to this project, and every bit helps!

Progress Photos: