Project Title: Tributaries of the Whitestone River



Metres Planted:
1400 m

Volunteer Hours:

Location: Te Anau

GPS Coordinates: -45.38548, 167.89213

Project Cost: NZD $25200

Cost per Metre: NZD $18

Metres to be planted: 1400m

Field Partner: Queen Elizabeth II National Trust

Project ID: SI1

Project Description:

The Whitestone River catchment sits within the Waiau River catchment (Southland’s largest) on the eastern edge of Fiordland. The fenced tributaries are on land that has been retired from deer farming. The site includes a modified peat bog. Adjacent, restored, streams contain wildlife such as koura, bullies and galaxias, and it is hoped that the restoration of the current tributaries will encourage these species to return. The addition of beech, Coprosma species and cabbage trees will add much needed shade and help hold the stream banks in place. As this site is very isolated, larger trees will be planted to minimise the need for maintenance visits.