Project Title: Tahawai Stream Planting Project

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty

Metres Planted:
913 m

Volunteer Hours:

Location: Aberfeldy Farm, Katikati

GPS Coordinates: -37.540494, 175.894754

Project Cost: NZD $30138.22

Cost per Metre: NZD $33

Metres to be planted: 1250m

Field Partner: Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Project ID: NI15

Project Description:


Hi, I’m Lawrie Donald. 

I chair the Uretara Estuary Managers Inc. We are an estuary care group in Katikati in the Bay of Plenty. We formed in 2004 to help clean up the rivers and streams running into the estuary and to bring back native birds. 

Over the years we’ve racked up countless hours of volunteer work. We’ve been baiting for rodents and other pests and getting on top of the weeds. We have been working with local landowners to restore and plant stream banks in the area. 

So far, we have fenced and planted 8,000 metres of stream bank in indigenous plants and trees. It’s cut down the erosion and siltation into the estuary. And it’s helped to begin the process of clearing things up. 


We’re proud of what we have achieved along the Uretara Stream so far. Now we want to get stuck into the Tahawai Stream too. It flows into the Tauranga Harbour within the same bay as the Uretara. It’s a logical next step for our efforts.

The Tahawai stream passes through farmland and orchards in the beautiful Bay of Plenty on its way to the coast. On this journey, the cool clear stream that leaves the Kaimai Forest becomes warmer, receiving the impacts of stock crossing, sediment wash from roads, tracks and general soil disturbance. 

All of this has an effect on the health of the lower stream and estuary.


With your support, we will plant 1,250 metres of the Tahawai Stream with native plants and trees! The work will cover approximately 25,000 square metres. Half of the plants will go into the ground this winter. The other half will go in next winter. 

The project is located on the Aberfeldy sheep farm near Katikati. The family that owns the farm is keen to work with us. They are looking forward to seeing the community and environmental benefits that will come out of the project. 

We will plant the stream banks with a variety of shrubs and trees. They will include koromiko (Hebe), mahoe, pohutukawa, matai, rewarewa, putaputaweta, rimu, totara, kowhai and manuka to name a few! All plants will be eco-sourced to the Bay of Plenty coastal region. 

Our group will grow some of the plants ourselves at our nursery in Lexham Park. The Katikati College Trees for Survival programme will work with us. The students have been funded by the Summerset by the Sea retirement community to grow plants and they will lend a hand on planting days. The rest of the plants will be bought from a local native plant nursery. 

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has a waterways protection programme for the Tauranga Harbour Catchments. They provided funding to fence the stream this autumn so that the stream banks are ready to plant this winter. 


We would love you to donate to our project! The cost of a metre of restoration is $33, but you can donate ANY amount. Thanks so much for your support!

This planting project will help us to further reduce the impacts on the stream and estuary below. The trees will provide shade to cool the stream. They will help to filter and reduce sediment. 

All the money raised will go towards plants, labour costs and post-care of the plants to ensure they grow well. We will plant more than 5,000 native plants and trees in 2017 and 2018.

Please help us transform Tahawai Stream and further improve the Uretara Estuary. With luck, and a lot of hard work, this area can become a thriving waterway landscape. Maybe you can come visit one day, and see for yourself. 

Progress Photos: