20,000 Metre Milestone

25 Aug 2017 by The Million Metres team Auckland Council Northland

The last year has been huge for Million Metres. Our work has been accelerating across the country. We have now raised enough funds to plant 20,000 metres of New Zealand waterways with native plants!

A Million Metres of riparian planting is a massive goal, and even that won’t restore all the waterways in New Zealand. But to put this in context, if we had started planting in the gardens of Parliament house in Wellington, we would be digging holes in Porirua right now!

The Million Metres platform has crowdfunded for 21 planting projects across New Zealand. It has fundraised nearly half a million dollars.

All of this couldn’t have been achieved this without our legendary donors, sponsors and volunteers. Donations have even been streaming in from England, America and Switzerland!

Our Latest Projects

Hawke’s Bay

The Waipuka Stream is the fifth project in Hawke’s Bay to crowdfund on our platform. The stream drains a steep coastal gully system near Waimarama, before forming a lagoon at Ocean Beach and entering the ocean.

Unfortunately, water quality in the stream and the lagoon is poor. They are often closed for swimming due to high e Coli levels.

The project site is just upstream of the lagoon. It has been identified by Hawkes Bay Regional Council contractors as an inanga (white bait) spawning site.

If all funds are raised 3,500 native plants will be planted to help restore and create a native habitat for wildlife to survive and thrive.


We’ve teamed up with the Silverstream Advisory Group and Waimakariri District Council to crowdfund the planting of 350 metres of the Silver Stream with 400 native trees. 

The Silver Stream is renowned for its clear, spring-fed waters, trout fishing and seasonal salmon. If all funds are raised, an area the size of 1.5 international rugby fields will be restored with native plants.

The Home Straight

Three projects are coming up to the end of their crowdfunding campaigns. Otara Creek in South Auckland, Te Onetea Stream in Waikato and Tahawai Stream in the Bay of Plenty need more support if they are to reach their goal.

There are plenty more projects in the pipeline. We aim to support 30 new projects in 2017. We will be listing 10 new projects in the Auckland region alone.

You can take action now. Click here to support the community planting projects we’re working with.

New Zealand’s water quality crisis has reached a turning point. Let’s not wait around for the politicians and pundits. Together we CAN clean up our rivers.