Do a little to give a lot

9 Feb 2015 by The Million Metres team Auckland

The Million Metres Streams project is excited to announce that we’ve signed with Little Lot, a fundraising application that raises money for well-known charities, including us.

With Little Lot, you download an app onto your laptop or device which allows brands to feature on your desktop wallpaper. In return 75% of those brands’ advertising dollars get donated to the charity of your choice.

As we’re one of the charities, we’d love you to download the Little Lot app to your devices. Then choose us as your favourite charity.

Why are we doing it?

We’re looking for other ways to raise money for the Million Metres Streams Project. Money raised will go to a live project. If we have just 100 backers on Little Lot, we can raise up to $5,000 each year.

We're also supporting another kiwi start-up – a world-first, original and innovative fundraising solution. As we’re still in start-up mode ourselves, we recognise how important it is to garner support early on and get momentum building.

Why should you do it?

It’s a great way to continue supporting us without reaching into your own pocket. If you’ve already bought metres of restoration, becoming a Little Lot user keeps up the contributions.

It’s not just any brand that appears on your wallpaper. They’re select brands with designer visuals. If you don’t like the day’s brand you can revert to your original wallpaper.

Even better, each device you add doubles, then triples your donations. We like the sound of that! To download Little Lot, click here. And don’t forget to tell your friends!