Go Jump Off a Wharf!

4 Jul 2017 by The Million Metres team Auckland Council Northland

A few weeks ago Million Metres wanted to know just how far supporters would go to restore New Zealands waterways. It turns out people are willing to jump off a wharf in the middle of winter.

Our water loving lemmings were helping to raise $44,000 to plant 1,483 metres of the Rangihoua wetland in Waiheke. This will create an oasis of native plants, trees and birds like the rare banded rail.

The idea began when Million Metres’ project lead Georgina pledged to jump off a wharf if we raised $500 or more at this project’s launch event. We did. Then the team from Waiheke Resources Trust said they would all jump if they raised more than a thousand. They did.

Then we thought; who else might like to raise money by doing something silly?

30 people did.

They raised pledges to jump. They raised extra cash by offering to do bombs and belly flops.

One group carried out their jumps at the old Mataitai Wharf on Waiheke Island.  Apex Insurance had all staff jump off the Judges Bay Wharf in Parnell. Both groups were successful in fundraising thousands for the wetland project.

One jump wasn’t enough for photographer Scotty Sinton.

Scott made a goal to fundraise $1,000 and that or every $10 raised he would “leap into the harbor wearing nothing but a pair of speedos”. 

No rest in between. Just rinse and repeat.

Scott ended up going over and above his goal. $1,040 was fundraised thanks to his family and friends. That meant completing 104 wharf jumps in 14 degree water. You can watch the live video of Scott suffering here.

You can still get behind the restoring Rangihoua Wetland. The project has $25,000 left to fundraise.

Jump on to the Million Metres page now and help give it a boost or spread the word around your networks.

You wouldn’t want the suffering of the wharf jumpers to be all for nothing, now would you?