Haere mai, Georgina Hart!

20 Oct 2015 by The Million Metres team Auckland Council Northland

Welcome to Million Metres, Georgina Hart. Georgi is our new project manager, and first full time staff member. This is yet another milestone for us as we celebrate our first birthday. We're sure Georgi is the perfect person to take Million Metres to the next stage.

Formerly an Environmental Management Analyst at Landcare Research, Georgi has worked for a number of environmental NGOs and government departments, so she has lots of experience engaging with the community. She is passionate about overcoming the challenges we face as a society in ways that are highly effective, but also fun and creative. 

“We aim to more than double the metres we help fundraise year on year for the next two years,” says Georgi. “To achieve this we’ll be out there connecting stream restoration and catchment groups to millionmetres.org.nz. We’ll also be supporting these groups to raise money, and connecting concerned individuals and business with this great opportunity to contribute to improving waterway health in New Zealand.

“We believe that to get the scale of stream restoration that New Zealand needs, we’re all going to have to get behind stream groups and support them. If we all give just a little bit each, we can raise the funds needed to restore waterways all around the country.”

Welcome Georgi; it’s great to have you on our team!

This is Georgi pictured with her daughter Ileana.