Helping government money flow further

27 Feb 2018 by The Million Metres team Auckland Council Auckland

Million Metres is playing a growing role in maximising the impact of government investment in clean waterways.

Last year, the Government’s $100 million Freshwater Improvement Fund committed $47 million to 34 large projects. Million Metres is working with three of the projects that have received this support. One in Northland, one in Auckland and one in Otago.

Georgina Hart is project lead for Million Metres.

“People sometimes say to us ‘the government should be doing this’! We prefer to think ‘how can we help the government do this?!’ Because when it comes to clean water we really are all in this together. So this is one way we are doing that. We are giving businesses and individuals the chance to add their support to these large important projects.

“The Government has committed five years of funding for these projects. So we will be fundraising for elements of them throughout that period. It’s a new way of working for us, but it provides the longer term resources needed to start cleaning up some of these major waterways.”

The projects

The Wairoa River, Northland – coming soon on our website! The Wairoa River is the longest river in the Northland region. It flows into the northern end of the Kaipara harbour. It’s a national taonga and nursery for west coast snapper. This project will reduce sediment and bacteria in the river and its catchment.

The project will work with landowners to carry out sustainable land management practices informed by Mātauranga Māori. This means developing farm plans, fencing, planting, wetland enhancement and monitoring.

Restoring a tributary in the Hōteo Catchmentcoming soon on our website!

The Hōteo River is Auckland’s largest in volume, length and catchment size. It drains into the southern Kaipara Harbour.

This work will help restore a tributary that flows into the Hōteo. The project partners will pilot river ways to hold back sediment. They will also fence out stock and plant native plants and trees.

Love Lake Wanaka and the Upper Clutha Catchment – learn more!

The Clutha River starts at Lake Wanaka and flows south across Otago to the Pacific Ocean. It’s the longest river in the South Island, the second longest in New Zealand. Three quarters of the Clutha’s plentiful water comes from the Upper Clutha catchment. These streams and rivers feeding into lakes Wanaka and Hawea.

This project includes development of community-based water management and riparian planting. It will also look to apply research on the pollution caused by urban run-off.