The results are in! Million Metres by the numbers in 2019

7 Apr 2020 by The Million Metres team

Last year felt like a big year for Million Metres. We have now received reports from our restoration projects, so we can share just how big it was. Thanks to all of you, Million Metres gave nearly $700,000 to waterway restoration planting projects

19 waterway restoration projects from Northland to Otago were busy planting 141,158 native seedlings. That took a huge collective effort – 76 volunteer planting days saw 10,568 volunteer hours contributed to helping get these seedlings in the ground.

This planting has achieved 25,678 linear metres of restoration along waterways across a total area of 380,346 m2. (That is 38 hectares!)

Million Metres delivered our first events series to raise awareness of water issues in Aotearoa. We designed and delivered 5 special events on waterways issues. This included:

  • talking to CEOs and business leaders via the Sustainable Business Network at numerous water focussed events
  • a new performance event “The Memory of Water”. Watch the video.
  • and a special new Ocean Plastics Field Trip in partnership with Auckland Whale & Dolphin.

Million Metres launched our new intern programme in partnership with Boston University and International Studies abroad. These partnerships see 4 interns join Million Metres each year. We cannot thank our 2019 interns enough – they were amazing to work with.  We could not have achieved all of this without them!  (Please note this programme is paused until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions on international travel and work).

Finally, we could not achieve any of this without YOU – and all of our supporters! Hundreds of businesses and individuals who now partner with, donate to, and support us in a multitude of ways. Thank you so much – with all of us working together we can keep taking care of Aotearoa’s waterways, and we can do even more!