Our year in waterway restoration

21 Dec 2016 by The Million Metres team Auckland Council Auckland

Million Metres has worked throughout 2016 to help incredible Kiwis plant trees for healthy rivers. Our projects have now planted a total of more than 75,000 trees with funding via Million Metres. 

Since our launch towards the end of 2014 we’ve helped 14 stream planting projects fund 14,000 metres of stream bank planting up and down the country. Together, we’ve fundraised more than $300,000 towards stream planting, and enabled the planting of more than 75,000 native plants and trees.

Seeing the difference

Already people around the waterways we have worked on are reporting improvements in water quality. Sometimes the effects can be seen just a few months after planting is complete.

Nicolas Caviale-Delzescaux of the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group works on our Pongaroa Station and Taharoa/Grandy Lake Forest projects in Hawke’s Bay: 

“The habitats have changed a lot, offering more cover and shade. This has resulted in an increase in endangered long fin eel,” he says. “Fencing off the spawning area for whitebait has protected their breeding habitat. We have observed since then a major increase in inanga numbers. The watercress is also recolonising.”

John Poulton from our Manawatu Project noted clearer water and more birdlife around their planting area.

Where your Million Metres projects are

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these projects.

Auckland:  1200m along a tributary to the Hoteo River with Auckland Council, Kauri Park Nurseries, and the Taylor family.

Gisborne: 900m along a tributary to Waikohu River with Queen Elizabeth II Trust (QEII).

Hawke's Bay: Approximately 8,000m along two Whangawehi catchment rivers, and along Horseshoe Lake, with QEII, The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group, and Mangarara The Family Farm.

Manawatu: 1,500m of stream bank along two tributaries to the Manawatu river. With QEII and the Poulton family.

Wellington: 500m along Belmont Stream with the Woodridge planters and Wellington City Council.

Canterbury: 700m along a tributary to the Avon river, with Otakaro-Avon River project and Sustainable Coastlines.

Southland: 1,400m was planted along a tributary of the Whitestone River, with QEII.

What’s in store for 2017

2017 is set to be a huge year of growth for Million Metres. To achieve that we’ll need your help! Our work needs to accelerate rapidly if we are to start having a real impact on water quality for New Zealand.

There are three new projects on Million Metres as we head into 2017. We have four new projects set to list in the New Year to get us off to a cracking start. Check them out on our projects page and support wherever you can.  

We have a new team member! She will be working to help support restoration projects with their fundraising. We’re also investing in the web-platform to make it work more smoothly and be more user friendly. 

We aim to support 30 new projects in 2017. We will be listing 10 new projects in the Auckland region alone.

You can help us by sharing our stories with your friends and family. Together, let's build a national movement to restore our rivers.