The NZI Sustainable Business Network Restoring Nature Finalists

17 Oct 2018 by The Million Metres team

Check out the finalists for The Restoring Nature Award at The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards! Like Million Metres the Awards are run by the Sustainable Business Network and supported by the Department of Conservation. They demonstrate how businesses are getting behind the challenge to protect and restore our environment. Read on to learn more about some of the most exciting projects and partnerships.

Restoring Nature Award Finalists 2018

Agricom is a proprietary seed company and a division of PGG Wrightson Seeds. Agricom is tackling farm waterway pollution through the use of a forage plant for animals. This can significantly reduce nitrate leaching.

Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari has developed an environmental tourism programme to enact the organisation’s mission statement: ‘the preservation of species and environment through research, education and awareness’.

Banks Track NZ + Pohatu Penguins Plunge NZ are working on Banks Peninsula to restore a rich biodiversity of native fauna and provide habitat for penguins and sooty shearwaters.

Fulton Hogan is a construction, roadworks and aggregate supplier company. Fulton Hogan has become a national partner with the Department of Conservation for Takahē Recovery.

Goodnature is a NZ manufacturer of simple to install, toxin free traps for animals such as stoats and possums. This helps protect New Zealand’s rarest birds and amphibians.

Real Journeys is a South Island tourism company. It is working with the Department of Conservation on its Tamatea/Dusky Sound Restoration Project. It is committing funds, staff time and public awareness to the Cooper Island restoration project to remove predators and ‘bring back the bird song’.

Stu Muir has dairy farming, tourism and education activities based in Waiuku. His operation’s overall purpose is to ‘restore nature and educate humans’. This is done by eradicating pest trees, replanting natives, restoring a rare dune lake and building a public boardwalk.

Tahi is a honey business, conservation retreat and boutique holiday accommodation provider. Tahi uses the principles of sustainable management to restore and preserve the ecological and cultural heritage of the land and drive a sustainable, for-profit business to fund restoration projects.

Te Whangai Trust is a social enterprise. It provides employment training for the long-term unemployed and at-risk youths at a native plant nursery. Te Whangai Trust partners on restoration projects that enhance water quality and productive soil capacity in catchments and improve indigenous biodiversity in a demonstrable and measurable way.

Tongariro River Rafting is a kiwi-owned and operated business. Tongariro River Rafting run Blue Duck protection projects. It traps predators that kill Blue Ducks. It is also expanding into removing invasive weed from the Tongariro River.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the finalists! Their work is truly something to celebrate. The gala Awards night takes place in Auckland on November 22, and is already sold out. Look out for announcements of the winners.