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Why planting trees along streams?

44% of our monitored lakes are so polluted virtually nothing can survive in them. 62% of our lowland rivers are so polluted with pathogens we can't safely swim in them. What’s worse, 74% of our freshwater fish species are now classified as ‘threatened’. One thing everyone can do right now is help plant the banks of our waterways (riparian planting). All freshwater scientists agree that riparian planting is vital to the health of our freshwater ecosystems. Plants filter toxic runoff, prevent sediment washing into water, and cool the water by shading it, so aquatic creatures can survive.

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Why planting trees along streams?

How It Works

You support a project somewhere in New Zealand by funding the trees for a metre of planting along a stream. The project you support receives the funds and plants the trees the next winter. We keep you updated on your project's progress.  

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Get your business to work restoring New Zealand's waterways

Businesses can play an integral part of the communities that restore waterways, contributing funds, staff volunteering time or other in-kind support. Please contact us to discuss opportunities. 

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Why planting trees along streams?