For land-owners

If you have a watercourse on your property, you can play an integral part in making sure it, and the waterways it flows into, are an asset we’re proud to hand down to our kids. 

Realising that some waterways aren’t in good health is the first step to doing something about it. So if you have a stream, river or lake on your property, and you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to take action! Let’s get started:


We’re not the experts in land use, or what to look for when you assess the waterways on your property. However we do know that whatever state your stream is in, you need to make a plan to either protect it, or restore it. To see an example of what can be done, check out Chris and Bruce’s Horowhenua beef and sheep farm. (Thanks Morgan Foundation for sharing the link.) For specific advice about your waterway, we suggest you contact the organisation below that’s relevant to you. They’ll help you get started assessing your stream, and give advice on how to proceed with protection or restoration. 


Healthy whole streams are better than healthy parts. As it’s probable that your stream will flow through neighbouring properties before and after it flows through yours, encourage your neighbours to think about doing their bit too. 

Once you’ve got your stream ready, get in touch with a Field Partner, or us, to have your project listed here for funding. Good luck, and we look forward to putting your stream up for funding on the Million Metres Streams Project.


Riparian planting guides for farmers:  an excellent, region-specific resource from DairyNZ.


Auckland Council: Fran Hayton,

DairyNZ: Matt Highway,, (07)  859 4059

Landcare Trust: James Barnett,, (07) 859 3778

Waikato Regional Council: TBC