Project Title: Belmont Stream



Metres Planted:
474 m

Volunteer Hours:

Location: Wellington City

GPS Coordinates: -41.212306, 174.819874

Project Cost: NZD $22840

Cost per Metre: NZD $48

Metres to be planted: 472m

Field Partner: Wellington City Council

Project ID: NI5

Project Description:

The Belmont Stream is a tributary of the Porirua Stream, and one of the few remaining natural lowland streams in Wellington. This planting is the next stage of a project that is being undertaken by the local community, represented by the Seton Nossiter Park Working Group and the Woodridge Planters Trust. The entire community – including church groups, community service workers, Scouts, the local marae and rest-home residents – has become connected through this project, and are looking forward to seeing the results of their hard work. Riparian restoration will help protect the remnant riparian forest (pukatea/tawa/titoki), and the vegetation that is planned to be planted will also provide shade and habitat for native species including koura, longfin eel and banded kokopu, as well as the re-establishing native birds such as bellbirds and red-crowned kakariki. A key aim of the project is to stabilise the streambanks to reduce sediment entering the Porirua Harbour (excessive sedimentation is a big problem) and intercept nutrients, both of which will improve water quality.