Project Title: Kiwitea River tributary



Metres Planted:
500 m

Volunteer Hours:

Location: Waituna West

GPS Coordinates: -40.049073, 175.676438

Project Cost: NZD $18000

Cost per Metre: NZD $36

Metres to be planted: 500m

Field Partner: Queen Elizabeth II National Trust

Project ID: NI2

Project Description:

Like many farmers in the Upper Oroua subcatchment, Curwen and Marija Hare are keen to help prevent a repeat of the 2004 Manawatu flood disaster when millions of tonnes of gravel, sand and silt were washed from hill country and deposited into the rivers. With a portion of their farm identified as Highly Erodible Land, these farmers have been retiring at-risk land, planting trees, and fencing waterways as part of the Sustainable Land Use Initiative.

This stream sits within a 41 ha parcel (15% of the farm) that Curwen and Marija have retired and planted. While the steeper parts are in planted and naturally regenerating forest, the riparian strips and flood plains remain in rank pasture grass. Additional native vegetation will prevent further sediment washing into the stream as well as shade the stream for the bullies, koura and eels already present. Flaxes and sedges will be planted stream-side, while rimu, kahikatea, pukatea, totara and matai will be planted on the flood plains to eventually replace the pioneer species.