Project Title: Love Our Wetlands - Rangihoua

Funding Close Date: 10 Jul 2017



Metres Planted:
1646 m

NZD $47720.92

Location: Onetangi Sports Park, Waiheke Island

GPS Coordinates: -36.805883, 175.072884

Project Cost: NZD $47720.92

Cost per Metre: NZD $29

Metres to be planted: 1483m

Field Partner: Auckland Council

Project ID: NI12

Project Description:


Love our Wetlands – Waiheke is a local initiative managed by the Waiheke Resources Trust. We’re working on the island with the local community, volunteer groups, the Waiheke Local Board and Fullers to restore and protect four amazing wetlands: Rangihoua, Te Matuku, Te Whau and Matiatia Headland. 

This is our third year. We have already planted 6,333 native trees with the help of more than 2,000 hours of volunteer effort!   


We’ve linked up with Million Metres to help get more trees in the ground at the Rangihoua Wetland. 

The wetland is home to many rare bird, fish and plant species. It is also the historic landing place of the Te Arawa waka. The crew used raupo growing in the wetland to re-lash their waka before continuing on to the Coromandel. This gave the area its name – Rangihoua or The Day of Renewal. 

We can envision a wetland oasis of manuka, kanuka, totara, puriri, kowhai and harakeke at this site. We will plant more than 2,500 square metres and 1483 metres of waterway with 1,020 native plants and trees. 

We will plant a buffer of native trees between the waterway and the land. This natural buffer will help to filter contaminants. It will reduce sedimentation that can be harmful to fish and filter feeders. It will provide habitat and breeding grounds for the rare moho-pererū (Banded Rail) and other birds. 

We’ve worked with the experts to develop a diverse planting plan. Our plants come from Waiheke Native Plant Nursery and Gulf Trees. This means your donation will put dollars into the local community. It also means the plants are from around here, so will thrive in this environment. 


Over the years they’ve been dumped in, drained and filled to make way for development and agriculture. Today, only 10% of New Zealand’s historic wetlands remain. 

Healthy wetlands are nature’s sponges. They soak up water during floods and release it during droughts. They trap carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere. They improve water quality by removing contaminants from fresh water on its journey to the ocean. They support a huge diversity of birds, insects and fish.

Our community is passionate and excited about supporting these rich natural resources and restoring Waiheke’s wetlands.


We love our wetlands and we would love your support!

Please donate to our project and invest in planting a metre of Rangihoua Wetland today. Funds raised will support the cost of the plants, staff time, contractors and materials. 

Would you like to get your hands dirty and join us on a planting day? Email and we will be in touch! 

Many thanks for your support!

Love Our Wetlands – Waiheke


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