Big Bay Pond Project Update, Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland

7 May 2020 by Auckland Council Auckland

In 2017 and 2018 a bunch of legendary Kiwi's donated $8700 towards the restoration of Big Bay Pond on Awhitu Peninsula, South Auckland. This financial support has enabled the Blake family to restore 60 metres of stream and wetland on their farm there. Thanks to everyone who got behind this project! We thought it was time to report back on how this project has progressed since then - so let's see how they've been getting on.

2018 Growing and planting!

In 2018, once the funds were raised, Awhitu Landcare got busy growing the seedlings for this restoration project.

The Blake family prepared the site before the planting day. In June 2018, Awhitu Landcare planted nearly 100 metres of the pond and stream with 1615 native seedlings. The Blakes more than achieved their original goal!

A few months after planting, David Blake let us know that the plants were getting established and growing well.

2019 Ongoing care and maintenance

Since planting, the Blake family have been busy taking care of the young seedlings. This has kept them busy with regular weeding, which gives the seedlings the best chance of survival.

David told us, “We have not let the weeds take hold! Right from the start we kept the weeds right down and we have been doing that by hand.”

The Blakes also had to deal with unwelcome guests! Early on some of the seedlings were munched by pukeko. So the family got out and replaced the 150 seedlings that had been lost with new seedlings. Ka rawe!

2020 - 2 years on and the plants are growing well!

It has almost been two years since the plants went in the ground and we're stoked to report that they are doing really well.

Some of the manuka are over head height. The grasses and carex are all about knee high.

The restoration of this significant ecological area is helping to support local biodiversity. For example, tui are now returning to the area!

The Blake family are so grateful for the support they've received to bring biodiversity and water quality improvements to this landscape.

Get behind the next stage of restoring Big Bay Pond!

The Blake family are continuing the restoration of this important wetland habitat by planting an additional 100 metres of the pond with 1120 native plants and trees. Check out their new project.

They need your help more than ever - Help them reach their fundraising goal and plant this winter!