Jump Off a Wharf for Wetlands!

31 May 2017 by The Million Metres team Auckland

Would you jump into freezing cold water to save the life of a wetland?

Million Metres is helping to raise $44,000 to plant 1,483 metres of the Rangihoua wetland in Waiheke. This will create an oasis of native plants, trees and birds like the rare banded rail.

We have so far raised $14,000, but we need $30,000 more to reach our target.

Last week at a special launch event for the project, Million Metres Project Lead, Georgi Hart, took matters into her own hands. She promised to jump off a wharf if we raised more than $500 that day.

We did it. So now she has to go through with it.

But the folks from The Waiheke Wetlands Trust didn’t want her diving alone. They said if we raised more than $1,000 from that day, they would jump too. We are still collecting, and a few more committed souls have come forward for the big dip.

Which is where you come in. 

We want to know just how far Million Metres supporters will go to restore a waterway.

You have what it takes to jump off a wharf in winter. Sign up to see how much your friends will pay to see you Go Jump Off A Wharf, and save a wetland while you’re at it. Email info@wrt.org.nz

You’ll be sent your flight plan and confirm your date with doom.

Or maybe you know someone else who should Go Jump Off a Wharf?

Nominate them and tell them you will donate if they go through with it.

In the meantime you can jump in to the project’s Million Metres page and give it a boost. And you can also help by just spreading the word through your networks.