Rejuvenating Horseshoe Lake

11 Oct 2016 by The Million Metres team Mangarara The Family Farm Hawke’s Bay

Thanks to our supporters’ generosity the Hart family has planted more than 5000 native plants at Horseshoe Lake this winter.

The project closed their fundraising campaign last month after raising more than $20,000. 

They didn’t reach their target of more than $30,000. But they’ll be back next year to crowdfund this and complete their ambitious planting scheme in 2017. So keep an eye out for these guys next year!

Mangarara, the Harts’ farm covers 610 hectares. It is open to the public, and includes land around the Horseshoe Lake Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is also protected with a Queen Elizabeth II Trust covenant. The Hart’s have been working since 2002 to restore the native plants on the lake’s shores. 

The planting they completed this year adds another 5,000 plants to years of planting for the Lake. Their dream is to restore natural habitat for waterfowl and improve water quality. They also want to rejuvenate balanced ecosystems around the lake. The current plan will restore and protect another three kilometres of this prime New Zealand waterway in the next few years.

Greg says: “It has been brilliant. I enjoyed meeting the Million Metres team. The enthusiasm and passion that has been shown has been fantastic. They have been very helpful in setting up what’s required for the crowdfunding. There is a fair bit happening on the farm, so it’s great to have their support.. The extra match-funding and corporate funding through the Sustainable Business Network has been great.

“For us it’s about understanding the unsustainable trajectory that life on Earth is currently on. It’s about seeing nature as priceless. It’s taking into account all those ‘eco-services’ of nature. They can be so easily left off the balance sheet if you only look at the standard profit and loss figures.   

“We are just so humbled by the people who have donated and supported this. Ultimately, we all have a choice - we can support systems that degrade our planet or restore it. We can make a difference in what we buy, and by supporting initiatives like Million Metres.”  


Georgina Hart, project lead for Million Metres says: “Helping to restore something as beautiful as Horseshoe Lake is an honour and a pleasure. It's a big project, but these guys are so committed. They deserve all the help they can get.”